Applying for a junior school

If your child was born between 1 September 2016 and 31 August 2017, you may need to apply for a junior school place for September 2024.

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Key dates

  • On-time application deadline - Monday 15 January 2024
  • National offer day - Tuesday 16 April 2024

Do I need to apply for a junior school?

All Hillingdon residents with a child in year 2 at any infant school must submit an application. Applications can be made for up to 4 junior schools; however, if you only wish to transfer your child to your linked Hillingdon junior school, you only need to include 1 preference.

Applications also need to be made for Hillingdon residents with pupils wishing to continue at a junior school in a different authority.

Residents of other boroughs wishing to apply for a Hillingdon junior school should contact their own local authority for details on how to make an application. This applies to all year 2 pupils who are currently:

  • attending an infant school in Hillingdon or a neighbouring authority or
  • attending a primary school and you wish to transfer your child to a junior school in September 2024.

This does not apply to year 2 pupils who are currently:

  • attending a primary school in Hillingdon or a neighbouring authority, and you wish your child to move to year 3 in the same school or
  • currently attending a primary school and you wish to transfer your child to a year 3 place at a different primary school in September 2024 (an in-year application will need to be made in this case).

Junior schools in Hillingdon give priority to pupils attending their linked infant school, but they do not reserve places for individual pupils. Therefore, it is very important that you apply on time to ensure you do not miss out on an offer.

Applications must be made for year 2 pupils wishing to continue in the following Hillingdon junior schools:

  • Coteford Junior School
  • Field End Junior School
  • Grange Park Junior School
  • Harefield Junior School
  • Hillside Junior School
  • Minet Junior School
  • Newnham Junior School
  • Whitehall Junior School
  • Whiteheath Junior School
  • Yeading Junior School.

Before you apply

Read the  School admissions 2024 brochure (PDF) [2MB] and  Starting junior school 2024 leaflet (PDF) [335KB].

These contain a lot of useful information on making your application, choosing your schools, frequently asked questions and all of the schools' individual criteria and contact details.

Apply for a junior school place

The closing date for on time applications was Monday 15 January 2024.

You can still submit a late application online until Monday 19 August 2024. However, your application will not be processed until after Tuesday 16 April 2024.

Apply for a junior school place (opens new window)

Please note:

    Applications for families arriving from abroad, including from the EU

    In most cases, children arriving from overseas have the right to attend schools in England. It is the responsibility of parents to check whether their child has a right, under their visa entry conditions, to study at a school before submitting an application. 

    Read more about applications for families arriving from abroad

    Parental responsibility and disputes

    Our School Placement and Admissions team has seen a significant increase in the numbers of disputes between parents, relating to where their children should go to school. We understand that, when trying to come to a mutual agreement on child arrangements, parental disputes can be extremely upsetting for all involved (including the children). 

    Protocol and guidance regarding parental responsibility (PDF) [141KB] has been published to help parents understand the council's protocol for dealing with situations where parents disagree. This is general guidance intended to help parents understand their rights and responsibilities in line with the law. 

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