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Landlord advice and guidance

Landlord advice and guidance

We aim to work with landlords to create affordable and safe living conditions in the private sector, as well as developing long-term partnerships to facilitate responsible lettings in the borough. We want to improve the quality and amount of accommodation available in the private rented sector.

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Landlord Incentive Programme

We are able to offer landlords the chance to participate in our Landlord Incentive Programme. 

The Landlord Incentive Programme is a way of helping you to make sure your property meets the required standards. It also allows you to select your preferred tenants from our pool of clients. In addition, we could offer you a generous incentive, dependant on the type of your property and its size, area, condition, length of tenancy and demand.

As a basic rule, all properties within this scheme need to:

  • be at the Local Housing Allowance rental rate
  • be in good decorative order
  • be structurally sound
  • have been visited and approved by one of our team
  • have smoke alarms and CO2 detectors 
  • have all required valid safety documents 

This will give you:

  • flexibility of managing the tenancy yourself
  • a choice of tenants
  • generous incentives and rent levels

​We are looking for all types and sizes of self-contained properties within Hillingdon, however we will also consider any property outside of Hillingdon in the surrounding areas. To see how you can unlock the potential in your property, send us your property details through the form below.


It is important that landlords receive sufficient training and knowledge to enable them to run their businesses professionally. We encourage landlords to join the London Landlord Accreditation Scheme (LLAS) which provides a range of courses and ongoing professional development.

The National Landlords Association can also provide useful advice and assistance to landlords across a range of issues.


Grants may be available to assist landlords in improving or repairing their properties, in exchange for nomination rights for the council. You should contact us to see if any grants are available, as the position can change rapidly.

Typically, the types of work that can be funded include:

  • thermal comfort (for example loft/wall insulation)
  • central heating and hot water (including boiler replacements)
  • kitchens (new fitted kitchens)
  • bathrooms (fully fitted)
  • major structural works - including re-roofing
  • energy efficient double glazing

Decorating, carpets and white goods are not included in any grant.

Grants will require 3 quotes and will be match funded up to a certain limit. Use the form below to find out more.

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