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Litter in public spaces

We provide and maintain litter bins in public places and arrange for these to be emptied on a regular basis. Roads are swept regularly to keep them clean.

We remove the following items from public areas:

  • drug-related litter
  • vomit
  • broken glass
  • dead animals, including foxes
  • traffic accident debris 
  • dog fouling/mess

Please help us by doing your bit and:

  • take your litter home or use the street bins provided
  • put your household waste on your collection day (not before), ensuring  it's on your own property
  • clear up after your dog, using the dedicated dog waste bins

Report litter

Please note: We aim to remove litter within 48 hours of it being reported - and drug-related litter within 1  hour.

Littering is illegal. If you're caught littering, you could receive an on-the-spot fine called a Fixed Penalty Notice (FPN) of £400. 

On-the-spot fines for littering are discounted to £240 if paid within 10 days. 

Anyone who fails to pay their FPN within 14 days risks being taken to court and fined up to £2,500. 

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Page last updated: 29 May 2024