Report street cleaning issue


Graffiti is a form of criminal damage so you should report it.

Graffiti is illegal, anti-social and can cause residents to lose pride in their area and make a neighbourhood feel unsafe.

The best way to deal with reducing graffiti is to remove it as quickly as possible. We employ a specialist contractor who uses several methods to remove these acts of vandalism. All chemicals used in the process are environmentally friendly.

Report a graffiti attack

If the graffiti is on a private house or small business (such as a corner shop or small independent office), we will remove it for free.

If the graffiti is on property belonging to a larger business, we will make a charge. The charge is based on the length of time taken to remove the graffiti.

Report graffiti

How soon we will remove graffiti

We aim to remove graffiti within 2 working days. If the graffiti is 2 metres or more above the ground or in a place that's difficult to access, this sometimes takes longer.

If the graffiti is abusive, obscene or racist, we'll remove it within 24 hours.

Fines for graffiti

There are no legal sites for graffiti within the borough and all graffiti is considered criminal damage under the Criminal Damage Act 1971. People caught in the act of graffiti or intending to cause graffiti can receive an on-the-spot fine called a Fixed Penalty Notice (FPN) of £80.

If a person is taken to court, the fine could be up to £2,500, or even a prison term.

Page last updated: 24 Aug 2022