Types of tenancy

There are three types of council tenancy in Hillingdon: probationary tenancy (sometimes referred to as introductory tenancy), secure, and secure flexible tenancies.

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Probationary tenancies

A probationary tenancy will normally last 12 months, however this period can be extended for a further six months where there are concerns about the conduct of the tenant.

Throughout this 12 or 18 month trial, a probationary tenant must show they can keep to the terms of their tenancy. The tenancy will automatically become a secure tenancy on the first anniversary of the date the tenancy started if there are no problems.

Probationary tenants must:

  • pay their weekly rent 
  • keep their home and garden clean and tidy
  • respect their neighbours and not cause, or allow, a nuisance to be caused
  • keep to the tenancy conditions.

Probationary tenants will enjoy the majority of rights held by secure tenants, including:

  • right to repair
  • right to succeed
  • right to be consulted
  • right to assign.

Probationary tenants will not have the right to:

  • take in lodgers
  • sub-let
  • improve
  • claim compensation for improvements
  • the right to exchange
  • Right to Buy.

By statute, probationary tenants have fewer rights than secure tenants and can be evicted more easily either during the first 12 month period or during the lifetime of any six month extension. We can take eviction proceedings without the need to establish proof of reason to the courts. The court's discretion is removed and provided we have followed the process correctly, the court must make an order for possession.

Probationary tenants will be made aware from the outset that once a complaint has been made against them or a problem with their tenancy has been identified, we will engage and work with them in order to try to resolve the issue(s) prior to taking any action via the court. All probationary tenancies will be monitored closely and safeguards will be put in place to deal with vulnerable residents.

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Page last updated: 16 Mar 2023