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Shared equity

Buying an existing council-owned shared equity property where the current shared owner is selling.

The shared equity scheme is similar to shared ownership, the difference is that you buy a share of a property built by the council rather than a housing association. 

Very few resales become available but when they do they will be advertised on this page.

If you are a current leaseholder and wish to sell your share and move on, email the low cost home ownership team and we will explain the process in more detail. Hillingdon Council shared equity leases vary significantly and this will determine how the property may be sold.

We have a waiting list of people interested in shared ownership which could speed up the sale process without the need to advertise the property.

Information for current leaseholders


Purchasing additional shares in your shared equity property is known as 'staircasing'. As with housing association shared ownership, leaseholders, currently in a Hillingdon Council shared equity property, also have the opportunity to staircase.


  • Your home is valued by our valuations officer.
  • We issue a 12 week notice to accept the valuation and proceed or keep the share you already own.
  • You apply to a lender for an increased or new mortgage.
  • You appoint and notify us of your solicitor.
  • Our legal team liaise with your solicitor to complete the sale of the additional share.

If you have any queries about this process, email us at: lchoteam@hillingdon.gov.uk.

Page last updated: 16 Mar 2023