Social housing

My circumstances have changed

If any of your circumstances have changed since making your application, you must tell us so your application can be updated and reassessed. You cannot be verified for social housing if your circumstances at the time you are matched to a property, have not been updated. You may lose the property if this is the case.

You should tell us about:

  • any additional household member who needs to be included on the application (a new baby or a partner living at the same address)
  • changes in household - a death, divorce/relationship breakdown, a household member who has moved away/left the family home
  • a change of address
  • changes to your immigration status
  • changes in medical conditions which are affected by your current housing.

You need to complete a change in circumstances form and provide proof of the change, (a full birth certificate for a new child or tenancy agreement/ utility bill/ bank statements for a new address).

Tell us about a change of social housing circumstances

Page last updated: 30 Sep 2022