Community transport

Information on accessible community transport for older people and those with disabilities.

Taxicard scheme

The Taxicard scheme provides subsidised transport for people who have serious mobility impairment and difficulty in using public transport.

About the scheme

Find more about the Taxicard scheme and apply on the London Councils website.

Changes to the service

The following changes have recently come into effect.

Door to door service and assistance dogs

On each journey, you'll have the choice between a 'kerb to kerb' service or a 'door to door' service, where the driver drops you off as near as possible to your starting point and destination. You'll need to let them know when you book your journey if you require a door to door service.

Unless taxi and private hire drivers have a medical exemption, they're required to accept all assistance dogs at no additional cost.

Pricing for journeys

The new maximum fare guarantee (PDF) [1MB] is based on a price per mile. At the end of the journey, if the fare on the meter is lower than the maximum fare, then your contribution will be based on the metered fare. If the fare on the meter is higher, you'll be charged the maximum fare given to you when you booked. 

This change has several customer benefits: 

  • you'll know the maximum fare contribution in advance
  • the same journey will always have the same maximum fare contribution no matter what day or time of the day you travel
  • knowing the maximum price at the time of booking allows you to make more informed choices about the most cost-effective way to travel. Some longer, fixed-price trips, even with the subsidy, may be more expensive than a private hire alternative and you may wish to make your trip outside of the Taxicard scheme.

Note: you may not notice any difference for journeys up to two miles in a taxi where a minimum contribution will still apply.

Online bookings

It's quick and easy to book online. You'll need your Taxicard number and password to log in to the online booking system.

Taxicard online booking

Page last updated: 21 Apr 2023