School transport for children and young people with SEND

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What is travel assistance?

Travel assistance refers to the different ways of supporting children and young people with special educational needs and/or disabilities to travel to and from school in Hillingdon.

Examples of school transport assistance include:

  • a personal transport budget - a sum of money provided to families (on a pre-paid card), so they can arrange their child's home-to-school travel arrangements in a way that suits their circumstances best
  • independent travel training - designed to help your child learn the skills and gain the confidence to travel independently using public transport (if your child does not have an under-16 Oyster card or a Freedom Pass, we can help you apply for one)
  • motorised transport - such as minibuses, cars or taxis (provided by the council) to take your child to and from school.

Does my child qualify for travel assistance?

If you have a child with special educational needs and/or a disability, they may be eligible for travel assistance if they:

  • are aged under 8-years-old and you live further than 2 miles from your child's school (by the shortest available walking route)
  • are aged between 8 and 16-years-old and you live further than 3 miles from your child's school (by the shortest available walking route) or
  • are aged between 11 and 16-years-old, attend his/her nearest suitable school, you live more than 2 miles (but less than 6 miles) from school and your child is entitled to receive free school meals

Apply for travel assistance

If you believe your child meets the criteria for travel assistance, please complete our online application form.

Apply for travel assistance

Please note: If your application is successful and it is decided that motorised transport is the best assistance for your child, you will receive notice in writing and you will be asked to sign a parental agreement contract and complete a needs profile form.

Travel assistance policies

Page last updated: 17 Mar 2023