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Hillingdon has a vibrant and busy arts scene, with a huge number of events, shows, projects and activities for all ages.

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Friday 4 December, 7.30pm to 9pm at Uxbridge Library.
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Find out how to apply for arts grant funding available for individuals and groups
Arts in Hillingdon
Interested in the arts? We run a full arts development programme, with all sorts of projects, events and opportunities for those who are looking to get involved.
A partnership project between Hillingdon Council and Hillingdon Carer, funded by a grant from social services.
A wide variety of performers, including a classical Welsh singer, a contemporary dance troupe and a pair of hula hooping twins showcased their skills on Sunday 15 February 2015.
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The carnival came to Barra Hall park on 11 July 2015. View photos from the event.
An authentic programme of medieval entertainments for the whole family to enjoy.
Bigfest 2015
The street festival took place on Sunday 27 September 2015.
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Sample a taste of literature, arts and culture at the council's first month-long festival this October.