Council Tax Reduction Scheme

Our Council Tax Reduction Scheme is a banding scheme for working age applicants. We made changes to the local scheme because of the way Universal Credit is calculated. Our aim was to simplify the process for all working age customers, giving increased stability to those whose wages or income fluctuate each month and reduce the number of revised council tax bills for minor changes in income.

Adults that live with you

If you live with people who are not dependant on you, such as grown up children or friends of the family, we expect them to pay something towards the council tax.

The council sets the amount that we must take from your council tax reduction, even if the people living with you do not actually pay you any money. We call these amounts non-dependent deductions.

How much we deduct each week will depend on the age and circumstances of each non-dependent.

Please refer to the scheme rules for more information.

Page last updated: 21 Apr 2023