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What is Council Tax Reduction and how to apply

Information on applying for Council Tax Reduction (CTR).

Who is eligible to apply for CTR?

To claim CTR you or your partner must be the person responsible for paying the council tax (the person whose name is on the bill). You are not liable to pay council tax until you reach age 18. If both you and your partner are responsible for paying the council tax, only one of you needs to apply for CTR.

You will only be entitled to apply for CTR for a property if you actually live there. It must be your only or main residence.

The following people are not eligible to apply:

  • anyone who has capital/savings over £16,000 (however if you or your partner receive the Guarantee Credit element of Pension Credit, you can apply)
  • most full time students - if a student is not entitled to CTR, but they have a partner who is not a student, the partner should apply

Applying for CTR

If you are on a low income and need help paying your council tax, we may be able to help. The amount we can award you depends on your (and your partner's) circumstances, such as income and assets and if you have dependant or adult children

Entitlement calculator

To find out if you are entitled please use the 2017/18  online benefit calculator. (this is due to be updated soon)

When to apply

You should submit your claim straight away as any delay could mean you lose benefit, claims can only be backdated for one month if you have good reason.

How to apply

  • Save/upload photographs or scans of original documents (for example wage slips) to your PC.
  • Select the apply now link below and answer our questions.
  • Use the link on the form to upload documents needed to support your claim (if you are not able to submit your documents with your application, please allow 24 hours to allow your claim to be registered before submitting documents).

If you are not able to complete a full online claim as you do not have all the information to hand, you can save and return to the form later. If you do not complete and submit your claim within 14 days of starting, it will automatically be deleted and you will have to restart the process. 

Things to have to hand before you start the online form:

  • yours and your partner's (if applicable) national insurance numbers. If you or your partner do not have a national insurance number please telephone 0300 123 1384 for a paper application form.
  • any capital, assets / property you and/or your partner (if applicable) may have, such as current accounts including accounts even if they are overdrawn.
  • any benefits you and/or your partner (if applicable) receive
  • any benefits you and/or your partner receive on behalf of your children eg disability benefits
  • if you and/or your partner (if applicable) work, your employer's name and address, wage slips or latest accounts if self employed
  • details of any pensions you receive from a previous employer or the Government
  • any other income you and/or your partner (if applicable) may have (including annuities). 
  • your council tax account number (if you know it)
  • if you've claimed before your previous claim reference

If you do not have access to a computer, you can use computers for free at any Hillingdon library (please make sure you ask to be booked onto the computer with the scanner). We also have computers for you to use in our Benefit Self Serve area at the Civic Centre Uxbridge and Hayes One Stop Shop.  The Self Serve areas are available between 9am and 5pm Monday to Friday with a last entry of 4:00pm

Please note: Hillingdon libraries can only offer access to computers, there will be no support available to complete applications or scan documents

Apply now

Note: Access to the online application will be unavailable due to system maintenance (every evening) between 11.15pm and 12.15am. Sorry for any inconvenience caused. 

Please note: If you receive an error message please save your application and submit the form later, please ensure that you submit the form within 14 days of starting the application.

When using our online system, you need to be aware that:

  • you can save your online form at any point and go back to it later (within 14 days). Please remember to take a note of your Citizen Access Benefits key (you will need this to return to your application).
  • documentary evidence should be uploaded with the form before you submit it 
  • you must provide us with a phone number and email address so we can contact you; (if you do not give us an email address you will not receive a confirmation email)
  • at the end of the online form you must click 'I agree' after reading the declaration
  • when you submit your online form, please wait as you will be given a reference number and confirmation that it has been successfully submitted to the council
  • once the online form has been submitted you will not be able to upload any further documents. You will need to send these documents separately (see below).
  • please note you may be asked for further evidence once your application has been checked by an officer.

It is important you do not delay in making your online application as we normally pay benefit from the Monday following the date the claim is submitted. If you do not have all the supporting documents / evidence available at the time, you have one month to send the information to us from the date you submit your claim. Your claim will not be dealt with until the supporting documents / evidence are received which will delay any payments due to you.

Supporting documents / evidence not uploaded with the application form

We will accept scanned or a photo image of original documents sent to benefits@hillingdon.gov.uk, or they can be uploaded using providing additional documents form.  If you are not able to upload the information / documents at home we have free computers for use in our Benefit Self Serve area at the Civic Centre Uxbridge and Hayes One Stop Shop. The Self Serve areas are available between 9:00am and 5:00pm Monday to Friday with a last entry of 4:30pm.  Free computers are also available in our libraries. If you send original documents by post, we will photocopy your documents and send them straight back to you (we do not recommend you post your passport or building society pass books).

View your council tax account

If you already get CTR, you can check your claim details online.

  • Check the council tax band or rateable value of properties within Hillingdon.
  • You can view details of your current CTR and housing benefit entitlement by supplying your name, date of birth, national insurance number and benefit claim reference.
  • You can apply to pay by direct debit.

If you require further information, please contact us:

Opening hours: Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm 
Tel:  0300 123 1384
Email:  benefits@hillingdon.gov.uk
Mail: London Borough of Hillingdon
         Revenues and Benefit Services
         PO Box 1120
         Number 1 Market Square
         Lancs  BB9 7LJ

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