Our all-age apprenticeship programme

If you're a recent school/college leaver or aged between 16 and 64-years-old and looking to re-train in a new career, why not consider applying for our apprenticeship programme?

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What does an apprenticeship involve?

Apprenticeships last a minimum of 12 months and the training provided is dependant on the programme and provider. All our apprenticeships follow these 5 stages.

  1. Initial assessment
    Application, eligibility, assessments and induction
  2. On programme 
    Off-the-job training, main qualification and English and Maths (Level 1 or 2)
  3. Assessment gateway
    Practice mock assessments to confirm the apprentice is ready for the end point assessment
  4. End point assessment
    Observation of working, multiple choice exam and reflective journal or interview
  5. Completion
    Achievement and certification

If your application and assessments are successful, these stages will be explained in full during your induction.

Benefits of an apprenticeship with Hillingdon

  • A nationally-recognised qualification 
  • Job specific skills for your chosen career
  • A salary with paid holidays
  • Workplace-based training and (where appropriate) off-site training and/or e-learning
  • Experience of working alongside colleagues in a team environment
  • The opportunity to gain qualifications in English, Maths and ICT whilst completing your apprenticeship

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Opportunities in different services

Opportunities are available across a wide range of services, including but not limited to: 

  • Business Administration 
  • Building Control 
  • Environmental Health
  • Finance/Accountancy
  • Human Resources
  • Horticulture
  • Town Planning
  • Legal Services
  • Social Care

Interested in joining our apprenticeship scheme?

If you are interested in applying for an apprenticeship at Hillingdon Council, search our current vacancies and/or sign up for job alerts, selecting 'Apprenticeships' for job type.

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All job applications should be completed online. 

Apprenticeship figures for 2021/22

  • Target - 2.30%
  • Achieved - 1.75%
  • Apprentices employed - 90

Apprenticeship Levy Transfer Scheme

As a large levy paying employer, Hillingdon Council is now able to transfer up to 25% of our annual Apprenticeship Levy Fund to local employers, to help boost the number of high-quality apprenticeships in the locality. The available funding is specifically for the training costs associated with employing an apprentice.

Here at Hillingdon Council, we are committed to supporting local businesses grow and develop their workforce through the recruitment of Hillingdon residents where possible as apprentices. The Scheme is a real opportunity to invest in high-quality training by helping businesses invest in the skilled workforce they need to thrive and succeed and enables businesses to grow their own talent. 

Apprenticeship training ranges from Level 2 (GCSE) entry to Level 7 (Masters Level) and range in value from £1,500 to £27,000. Apprentices can work on tasks and projects which have a direct impact on local businesses. They are open to anyone of working age, with no upper limit.

Employers must meet the following criteria:

  • Your business should be located in the borough (essential) and you are requesting funds to train a Hillingdon resident (desirable).
  • You will need to pay for the salaries of apprentices. The transfer of funds can only be used for the apprenticeship course training costs and assessment. It excludes travel expenses or any membership fees.
  • You must support the employees in their learning and development providing appropriate time to train during contracted hours. This is known as 20% Off The Job Training (OTJT).
  • Your request must be for new apprenticeship training. The request cannot be backdated on training that has already commenced.
  • For monitoring purposes, you will also need to commit to notifying the council on the outcome of the apprenticeship.

Hillingdon Council requirements

To connect with a receiving employer that we want to transfer funds to, we will need to;

  1. agree the apprentices, training and costs that the transfer funds will cover
  2. ensure the receiving employer has registered on the apprenticeship service
  3. request the receiving employer's apprenticeship account ID (this can be found under the account name on the apprenticeship service homepage).

Please note: We will not be able to complete the next step until we have the receiving employer's account ID.

How to apply

Funds can be accessed through our Digital Apprentice Service (DAS) account. Alternatively, email learninganddevelopment@hillingdon.gov.uk for further information.

Page last updated: 28 May 2024