What we do for a safer Hillingdon

Protecting our borough from terrorism and radicalisation

Information on how we can work together to prevent terrorism and radicalisation.

What is radicalisation?

Radicalisation is a process by which individuals move from supporting moderate mainstream views to supporting extreme ideological views.  

It can happen when a person develops extreme views or beliefs that support terrorist groups or activities. 

What the council is doing

To help protect our borough from terrorism and radicalisation, we: 

  • work together with the police, criminal justice agencies (prisons and probation) and other agencies to help prevent the risk of people becoming terrorists or supporting terrorism 
  • raise awareness of the risks from extremism and radicalisation 
  • recognise, support and protect people who might be susceptible to radicalisation 
  • safeguard those who are vulnerable. 

We also coordinate and deliver training for professionals. 

What you can do 

Friends and family are often the first to spot worrying changes taking place. These can be big or small changes that take place very quickly or over a longer period. Trust your instincts and, if you're concerned, seek advice.  

1. Know what signs to recognise 

When someone is being led down the path of extremism, they may display the following behaviour: 

  • being influenced or controlled by a group 
  • an obsessive or angry desire for change or 'something to be done' 
  • spending an increasing amount of time online and sharing extreme views on social media. 
  • personal crisis 
  • need for identity, meaning and belonging 
  • mental health issues 
  • looking to blame others 
  • desire for status, need to dominate. 

Important: These signs and vulnerabilities are not listed in any order of importance and identifying them doesn't necessarily mean someone is being radicalised. 

Read more about the signs of radicalisation 

2. Act early and share your concerns 

If there is immediate danger, call 999. 

If you are worried someone is displaying signs of radicalisation, act early and reach out for help to discuss your concerns.  

Call the ACT Early Support Line, in confidence, on 0800 011 3764 and speak with specially trained officers. The support line is open 9am to 5pm every day. 

Please note:  

  • This advice line is designed for members of the public, especially friends and family, or those who work with vulnerable or young people in volunteering roles. 
  • If you are a member of public sector staff, such as a teacher, GP, police officer or social worker, please continue to use your designated safeguarding route to make referrals to prevent or seek further advice.  

Information for professionals 

Prevent is a key part of CONTEST - the government's counter terrorism strategy - and focuses on early intervention and diverting people away from being drawn into terrorist activity. 'Prevent' happens before any criminal activity takes place and is about recognising, supporting and protecting people who might be susceptible to radicalisation. 

Professionals are required to understand the risks associated with radicalisation, how to identify someone who might be vulnerable and make the appropriate referral for support through the channel process. 

For more details and support relating to the Prevent duty, safeguarding concerns and referral procedures in Hillingdon, please email strongercommunities@hillingdon.gov.uk.

Page last updated: 24 Oct 2023