Library guidelines and information

Public access computers, internet access and wifi

We are proud to offer public access computers with internet access and free public wifi at all libraries in the borough. By using these services, you agree to familiarise yourself with and abide by all relevant guidelines.

Computer sessions, services and resources

In all of our libraries, we offer the following to library members and guests.

  • Access to a computer with internet, Microsoft Office, image editing and other software packages. For children, we have dedicated computers with additional internet filtering.
  • Fully accessible computers with screen reader and magnifier to assist users with a visual impairment.
  • Free wifi for visitors aged 11 and over.
  • Free access to scanners.
  • Computers for public access will be shut down 15 minutes before the library close time and cannot be used in this period.
  • Where applies, public access computers will shut down 15 minutes before a library closes for lunch.

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Using the library's free wifi

From your device, choose the wifi hotspot 'LBH Guest Wireless' and accept the terms and conditions of use of public access wireless. 

The computer facilities and wifi within Hillingdon Libraries operate with a filtering and antivirus service but we cannot guarantee all unsuitable websites will be blocked. 

It is an unsecured network provided for your convenience and its use is solely at your own risk. 

By using the 'LBH Guest wireless', you:

  • acknowledge and accept all security risks relating to accessing and using the internet over an unsecured wireless network
  • take responsibility to configure your device with the appropriate security settings, firewall and antivirus protection to control access from other wireless devices and the internet itself
  • conduct online transactions, including banking, online shopping and payments, at your own risk
  • take full responsibility for any loss of any information that may arise from the use of hardware or connections, or for any loss, injury, or damages resulting from the use of these facilities
  • agree to all terms of the Terms and conditions of use of public access wireless

Users who fail to follow our policies may have their session terminated and be banned from using all Hillingdon library facilities. 

Illegal activity on library computers or wifi facilities will be reported to the police.  

Hillingdon Libraries:

  • cannot advise you on how to protect yourself and cannot be responsible for assisting you in setting up security on your personal device
  • do not guarantee the privacy or safety of your data and communication while using this free service
  • is not responsible for the misuse of personal information entered on websites
  • will not take responsibility for damage incurred from incorrect, insufficient or incomplete security settings or lack of up-to-date virus protection.
Page last updated: 15 Sep 2023