Children licences

If you are putting on a show involving children or employing a school age child, find out if you need a licence or permit.

Child's performance licence

If you are responsible for the production of a performance involving a child/children who reside within Hillingdon, you must apply for a licence.

What you need to know

A performance is where a child takes part in a theatre production, commercial or TV/film production:

  • where a charge is made (even if there is no admission fee for the audience) or a payment is made
  • at a licensed premises or a registered club
  • which is filmed or recorded for public exhibition or use in a broadcast

A licence is not required if:

  • a child does not perform for more than 4 days in any 6 month period in theatre, modelling or sport activity, paid or unpaid work, as long as they are not absent from school
  • they are performing in a school performance

A child must not take part in performances or rehearsals on more than 6 consecutive days.

It is the licence holder's responsibility to ensure that a child is always supervised under the care of a licenced chaperone except when the child is in the care of their parent or guardian. It is recommended best practice for every child to have an allocated chaperone who will be familiar with safeguarding legislation and requirements for supporting children in entertainment.

What we need to see

When you apply, we will  need to see:

  • one passport sized photograph taken within the last six months in one of the following formats: .jpg, .jpeg, .bmp, .png or .gif
  • medical letter - from child's general practitioner (GP), if applicable
  • birth certificate or satisfactory evidence of child's age
  • copy of rehearsal/performance schedule
  • letter of permission from school authorising school absence for either rehearsals or performance    
  • child protection and safeguarding policy from the applicant   
  • risk assessment, if applicable

If you would like to apply you will need to download and complete the  child's performance licence application form (Word doc) [43KB] and email to

Completed applications and all supporting documentation must be submitted no later than 10 working days before the performance is scheduled to take place.

Once an initial application is received and a licence issued, the child will be registered and provided with a unique reference number. Therefore any subsequent applications submitted in the name of that child will not require a passport photograph or proof of birth to be submitted until their validity periods expire.

Page last updated: 20 Jul 2023