Types of parking

Business bays

With a valid business permit you can park in bays displaying a 'Business permit holders only' sign.

Operating times

Business permit sign
Signs at each bay will tell you the operating hours and zone, although the most common operating times are 8am to 6.30pm, Monday to Friday.

During these times, parking bays are reserved for business permit holders of the specific zone. Outside the operating hours, anyone can park in a business bay.

Suspension of business bays

We sometimes have to suspend business bays, for example for roadworks or a skip placement. If we do this, we'll normally give 3 days' notice (unless it's an emergency) before the suspension becomes operational.

Suspension warning signs will be placed on the nearest sign post to a parking bay or parking space. These signs will indicate the operating times of the suspension.

Parking will not be permitted in the suspended bay/space during the operating hours of the parking suspension.

Page last updated: 21 Apr 2023