Types of parking

On-street pay and display parking

These bays provide short term parking for visitors and residents.

Operating hours and charges

Pay and display sign
Operating hours are usually 8am to 6.30 pm, Monday to Saturday, although these do vary. Outside of operating hours, on Sundays and on Bank Holidays you can park in any pay and display bay for free.

Charges and maximum parking times vary depending on the individual pay and display machine. Prices and terms and conditions will be displayed on each machine.

On-street parking charges

30 minutes free tickets with a HillingdonFirst card

Most of our pay and display machines offer 30 minutes free tickets with a HillingdonFirst card.

You must purchase your ticket or get your 30 minutes free ticket with your HillingdonFirst card at the initial time of parking. You're not allowed to get another free ticket or buy an additional ticket to extend your period of parking beyond the initial time.

How to use a pay and display machine

  1. Purchase a  ticket for the amount of time you need to park.
  2. Display the ticket clearly in your vehicle on the dashboard.

If you don't have a valid pay and display ticket displayed on your vehicle, you're liable to be issued with a parking ticket.

When not to park in a pay and display bay

  • If the bay is suspended - this will be indicated by a suspension sign outlining the dates and times it's in force.
  • Out of hours - some pay and display bays are only available for parking at certain times, for example between 8am and 4.30 pm. Outside these hours, other restrictions may be in force, for example yellow lines prohibiting parking.

Problems with pay and display machines

Pay and display machine
Our pay and display machines are inspected every day by engineers as well as for reported faults.

What to do if a pay and display machine is out of service

If a pay and display machine is out of service, you can park in a pay and display bay served by the out of service machine for up to the maximum stay permitted.

If you overstay the maximum stay permitted, you may get a parking ticket.

What to do if a pay and display machine is not accepting money or not issuing tickets

If a pay and display machine is not accepting money or issuing tickets you should:

  1. Report the fault by telephoning the number on the machine.
  2. Do not obtain a pay and display ticket from another machine. You can only use tickets from the pay and display machine relating to the bay in question.
  3. Normally, we allow you to stay in the pay and display bay for up to the maximum stay permitted, for example 2 hours. 

How to get a refund for money lost in a pay and display machine

If you have lost money in the machine, email parking services at carparks@hillingdon.gov.uk with the following information:

  • your name and address
  • the date you experienced the problem
  • the number of the pay-and-display machine
  • description of the problem
  • the amount of money you've lost

When the machine has been confirmed as faulty, we'll send you a parking voucher allowing you to park free of charge for 1 day in our car parks or on-street pay and display bays.

Page last updated: 21 Apr 2023