Noise nuisance


The restrictions on the use of fireworks are enforced by the police but the council may intervene if a statutory noise nuisance is being created.

When you can let off fireworks

It is prohibited to use fireworks at night (after 11pm and until 7am), with extensions on the following days:

  • until 1am on the night of the Chinese New Year
  • until 1am on the night of Diwali
  • until 1am on New Year's Eve
  • until midnight on 5 November

Reporting fireworks noise issues

If you experience noise nuisance from fireworks and it's affecting you, you can report it using our online form. 

Before making a report, please speak with your neighbours to find out if they're affected as well and talk to the person causing the problem if you can - they may not realise how it is affecting you and you may be able to reach a compromise.

Report fireworks as statutory nuisance

Page last updated: 21 Feb 2023