Noise nuisance

Noise from transport

Information on the categories of transport noise that we can and can't investigate.

Road traffic noise

Normally, we cannot take action in dealing with noise from road traffic. However, through traffic management and planning, we strive to reduce noise wherever possible by, for example replacing old road surfaces with low-noise surfaces. 

Road traffic noise levels in the borough

Roadworks noise

We issue prior consents and investigate complaints of noise from roadworks and other infrastructure works.

If you are disturbed by roadworks noise, we can investigate whether all reasonable measures are being taken to minimise the impact on residential neighbours.

Typically, we will speak to the contractors to advise them that a complaint has been received and to establish the purpose and duration of the project.

Search scheduled road works

If you are being disturbed by noise from roadworks or other large infrastructure projects, call the anti-social behaviour team on 01895 556000.

Please note: Some works require prior permission:


Noise nuisance from motorcycles comes in 2 types:

Bikes ridden on the road

The police deal with complaints of this type. You can report it by calling 101.

Bikes ridden off road on land without the owner's consent

We can attempt to secure the area to prevent access for motorcycles, whilst retaining access for pedestrians and people with disabilities. The police has powers to enforce against riders committing offences and, in certain circumstances, can confiscate machines.

Catching offenders in the act is difficult, so information, such as registration numbers or any identifying information about who the rider is, is needed from the public and should be collected before a report is made to the council.

Report statutory noise from motorbikes

Aircraft noise

Aircraft noise is exempt from statutory noise nuisance and we cannot take direct action to deal with noise from aircraft. 

However, we would investigate a particular trend involving a number of residents; for example, aircraft noise caused by a perceived change to normal operations. In these cases, you can register a complaint with us by calling 01895 556000.

The Civil Aviation Authority (opens new window) receives and responds to environmental complaints about aviation, including helicopter and aircraft noise complaints. 

Railway noise

Usually, we cannot take action against noise from railway vehicles. You would need to complain to the organisations themselves:

Page last updated: 20 Jul 2023