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Grassed open spaces or verges

Information on how the council maintain grassed open spaces and verges.


Overgrown grass

Grass is normally cut:

  • once during March
  • once during November
  • twice during each month in between.

Designated rural roads are cut once a year, usually during September. In these areas, we endeavour to promote and protect the diversity of flora and fauna. For safety reasons, sightlines in rural areas will be cut more regularly.

These schedules may be varied according to weather conditions or other considerations. Useful information on our grass cutting service.

If you feel a grassed area near you has overgrown or obstructing a sightline, pavement, road or sign, please report below.

Report it

Grass cuttings

We do collect and remove grass cuttings from council owned housing estates. But we don't collect or remove grass cuttings from larger areas such as parks and open spaces or highway verges as this would greatly increase the cost of mowing. However, our grounds maintenance operatives undertaking these works must take reasonable care to ensure that adjoining footpaths are kept free of cuttings.  

Wanting to maintain a grass verge

We are aware that some people like to mow the grass outside their properties to a higher standard than the council. You should be aware of the possible risk of injury to yourself, pedestrians and passing traffic. The council is able to issue licences for this activity. Please contact this office if you require further information.

Long grass in large open spaces

Certain areas of land in Hillingdon, including Yeading Meadows in Hayes, Philpots Farm in Cowley and River Pinn Meadows in Ruislip, have been designated as 'Higher Level Stewardship' areas by Natural England. The council carries out a land management regime of maintaining these areas in the traditional way as hay meadows, and receives a payment from central government for doing so. The scheme aims to make conservation an integral part of land management practice.

Monitoring the quality of grounds maintenance works

Grounds Maintenance inspectors check the quality of completed works and make sure that standards required by the council are achieved. These officers are also able to investigate problems reported by residents, and ensure that remedial works are carried out promptly whenever required.

Sponsor a roundabout

Contact the Green Spaces team for further information or you can contact UK Roundabouts directly.

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