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Hedges, shrubs and weeds

Find out how to report overgrown hedges, shrubs, tree roots and weed control.


Overgrown vegetation -  property and private land 

Property owners are responsible for ensuring that vegetation, including any tree, hedge or shrub is not extending beyond their boundary and encroaching onto public footpaths, public right-of-ways or obstructing the view of motorists.

If you feel any of the above has overgrown or obstructing a sightline, pavement, road or sign please report it below.

Report overgrown vegetation

Overgrown hedges and shrubs

Hedges and shrubs are pruned regularly but the timing and frequency depends on a number of factors including the location and the species.

  • Parks and green spaces: Hedges in parks are pruned once a year (regardless of species).
  • Roads: Hedges may be pruned more frequently where traffic sightlines need to be considered.
  • Hedges: With the exception of privet, hedges are cut once each year on a scheduled basis, usually during the period July to October.

We aim to avoid, wherever possible, the cutting of hedges during the bird nesting season.

We can take action if a hedge, tree or shrub overhangs a road or footpath to which the public have access to so as to endanger or obstruct the passage of vehicles or pedestrians, or obstructs or interferes with the view of drivers of vehicles or a public lamp or light from a public lamp.

Report hedges/shrubs

Weed control

Weeds are normally controlled by the application of chemicals by spraying, although in some situations they made be removed by other methods. The detail and frequency depends upon the location. For example:

  • Parks: rose beds are weeded by hand 16 times a year.
  • Road areas: footways and road channels are sprayed .
  • Housing estates: shrub beds are weeded eight times a year.

Report weeds

Overgrown base of trees and shrubs (Basal growth)

Basal growth is small shoots that come out from the base and trunk of trees. It can cause obstruction to pedestrians and sightline problems for motorists. The basal growth on Lime trees is faster and more intrusive.

When will they cut?

  • General trees are pruned once a year (during the winter).
  • Lime Trees are cut twice a year.

If there is a particular safety-related problem, individual trees can be dealt with at other times by our Park Officers or gardening staff.

If you feel any of the above has overgrown or obstructing a sightline, pavement, road or sign please report it below.

Report basal growth


  • The council may serve a Notice upon the owner of the hedge, tree or shrub or upon the occupier of the land on which it grows, requiring the hedge, tree or shrub to be loped or cut as to remove the cause of danger, obstructions or interference within fourteen (14) days from the date of service.
  • Failure to comply with the Notice will lead to the Authority carrying out Works in Default under the Highways Act 1980 section 154 (4) and recovering its full costs of doing so.

Please contact the Antisocial Behaviour Investigations Team if you require more information.

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