Looking after our parks

Weed treatment

Weed treatment is carried out 3 times a year on council-owned footpaths across the borough.

Weed treatment is extremely weather dependent. When weather is particularly bad (wet and windy weather), this will cause delays.

It takes 7 to 10 days for weeds to die back once treated. 

Schedule for weed treatments in Summer

Due to recent weather conditions of regular showers and windy days we expect there to be delays for the treatment during Summer.

WardHighways  Estates
 Estimated start dateActual start dateCompletion dateCompletion date
BelmoreWednesday 30 AugustWednesday 30 August Saturday 9 September
CharvilleWednesday 23 AugustWednesday 23 AugustTuesday 5 SeptemberMonday 4 September
Colham/ CowleyWednesday 20 September   
Eastcote Thursday 14 September  Tuesday 12 September
Harefield VillageFriday 1 SeptemberMonday 4 SeptemberMonday 4 SeptemberMonday 7 August
Hayes Town Wednesday 12 JulyThursday 13 JulyThursday 13 July
Heathrow VillagesFriday 29 September   
Hillingdon East Thursday 13 JulyMonday 17 JulyTuesday 22 August
Hillingdon WestFriday 15 SeptemberFriday 25 August Friday 25 August
Ickenham/ S HarefieldWednesday 6 September  Wednesday 9 August
NorthwoodSunday 3 SeptemberTuesday 12 SeptemberThursday 14 SeptemberThursday 3 August
Northwood HillsTuesday 5 SeptemberThursday 14 September Tuesday 1 August
PinkwellWednesday 27 September   
RuislipMonday 11 September  Friday 11 August
Ruislip ManorSunday 13 August  Tuesday 15 August
South Ruislip Tuesday 15 AugustThursday 17 AugustTuesday 15 August
Uxbridge Monday 18 SeptemberThursday 7 SeptemberMonday 11 SeptemberSunday 17 September
West DraytonThursday 28 September   
Wood EndFriday 22 September   
Yeading Monday 7 AugustMonday 7 August 
YiewsleyTuesday 26 September   

Knapsacking: Weed spraying that is carried out manually, where a ride-on machine cannot reach tight small areas and in between obstacles.

Our officers carry out inspections across the borough. However, if you wish to report weeds, you can do this online.

Report weeds

Page last updated: 21 Sep 2023