Housing advice and homelessness

Already homeless

There are a number of different factors that determine whether a person is considered homeless.

A person is considered to be homeless already, if they have no accommodation today.

If you are already homeless, emergency appointments can be made available for you to discuss your housing situation with a homeless prevention caseworker. Before the interview can take place, you will need to complete an online self referral to provide all the required information.   

Before you make a request for assistance, complete the housing advice self assessment below to explore the appropriate housing options for you.

Once you have completed the self assessment, please proceed to make a request for assistance via our new housing assistance referral portal. You must have an email address to proceed with your registration.

Registering for assistance will take approximately 45 to 60 minutes. If you do not submit the form, we cannot take any action. A star (*) next to a question means the question must be answered before you can move forward.

Once you have registered your request for assistance, please wait to be contacted. If you need our assistance completing the online assessment, or you are in an emergency situation, please call us on 01895 556666.

Complete a housing advice self assessment

Page last updated: 26 Mar 2024