Housing advice and homelessness

At risk of being homeless

Our priority is to work with you early in your eviction process to avoid a situation where you become homeless.

The earlier we talk to you about your housing issue, the more options will be available to you. 

Before you make a request for assistance, complete the housing advice self assessment below to explore the appropriate housing options for you.

Once you have completed the self assessment, please proceed to make a request for assistance via our new housing assistance referral portal. You must have an email address to proceed with your registration.

The registration process will take approximately 45 to 60 minutes to complete. If you do not submit the form, we cannot take any action. A star (*) next to a question means the question must be answered before you can move forward.

Once your request for assistance has been submitted, you will be assigned a caseworker who will make contact with you within 10 days. We will then work together to resolve your housing issue. 

Using our customer portal, you will be able to review your Personal Housing Plan, upload supporting documents, manage the tasks that have been assigned to you and monitor the progress of your case.

Complete a housing advice self assessment

If you have any difficulties completing the form, call us on 01895 556666.

Page last updated: 27 Mar 2024