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Hillingdon Council statement on HS2 injunction

On Monday 28 March 2022, HS2 Ltd applied to the High Court of Justice to secure a route-wide injunction relating to activity that would be prejudicial to construction and delivery of HS2 on various parcels of land.  The council learned of the injunction on Thursday 5 May 2022 and has been in dialogue with HS2 Ltd as to implications and coverage of it. Accompanying the application was a series of plans setting out the areas to be covered by the injunction should the courts grant it. These plans mark out 2 different areas - land identified as being 'SOS Permanent Possession Land/ HS2 Acquired Land' and land presented as being 'Temporary Possession Land S15/S16'. 

Unfortunately, the area presented as being 'SOS Permanent Possession Land/HS2 Acquired Land' has led to a misunderstanding as to the current ownership of large parcels of land in Hillingdon. In particular, Park Lodge Farm and Ruislip Golf Course have both been included in this description, giving the impression that this land is no longer in the ownership of the council. For clarity, these areas of land, except for sections already taken by HS2 Ltd and being used for construction), have not passed into the ownership of the Secretary of State, or HS2 Ltd. 

Both sites remain in the possession of Hillingdon Council, but are currently leased to HS2 Ltd. 

HS2 Ltd is in discussion with the council about surrendering the lease and returning Park Lodge Farm, minus the areas required for HS2 construction and operation, back to the council.  Ruislip Golf Course, minus the areas required for HS2 construction and operation, is intended to remain under tenancy with HS2 Ltd until restoration of the golf course is complete. 

Further updates on the injunction will be provided once the courts have made a decision on the application.

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