Local Land Charges Register

The Local Land Charges Register holds information for potential buyers about restrictions on properties and land. A search is usually required when buying a property.

Payments for a LLC1 and CON29 must be made separately and you should only make a payment once your search has been accepted by the Local Land Charges department.

LLC1 searches

The Local Land Charges Register contains information on obligations or charges affecting properties. The LLC1 consists of 12 parts, including: 

  • financial charges
  • conservation areas
  • tree preservation orders
  • enforcement notices
  • listed building notices
  • smoke control orders - only approved types of fuel can be used in smoke control areas, for example, smokeless coal. 

Pay LLC1 search fee

CON29 enquiries

In addition to the items revealed on the Local Land Charges Register, a potential purchaser may wish to be made aware of any notices about to be served on the property that become binding to any new purchaser upon completion. To cover these items, the CON29 questionnaire forms part of the official search.

Information on the following can only be found by submitting a CON29 enquiry:

  • compulsory purchase orders
  • proposed tree preservation orders 
  • notices under the Planning, Highways and Public Health Acts not found on any register
  • road proposals or schemes (including road widening)
  • proposed enforcement action or breach of condition notices
  • building regulations.

Pay CON29 enquiries fee

Submitting a search

Personal search: a personal search is a free, unofficial search of the register (LLC1), which applicants can request under Environmental Information Regulations (EIR). A personal search can only be applied for using a unique online link, which we will set up for you. Please contact locallandcharges@hillingdon.gov.uk to find out more. Please note: A personal search does not include the CON29.

Official search: An official LLC1 and CON29 search can only be applied for using a unique online link, which we will set up for you. Please email locallandcharges@hillingdon.gov.uk to find out more. 

Fees and useful documents

Page last updated: 19 Feb 2024