Conservation and heritage assets

Locally listed buildings

These non-designated heritage assets are of local architectural and historic importance and they significantly contribute to the unique character of the borough.

While not statutorily listed, these buildings are of good quality design or are historically significant and therefore important to the local community.

The inclusion of a property on the Local List means the council will take into account the building's special local architectural or historic interest when considering planning applications for alterations and extensions. Applications involving the demolition of a building of local importance will normally be refused, unless such works can be fully justified and a replacement building of suitable quality provided.

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Refer to Hillingdon's Unitary Development Plan (Saved Policies September 2007) to see policies for the protection of Locally Listed buildings, specifically BE8 and BE12.

Nominating a building for inclusion

Provided it's not already statutorily protected, any site or structure that meets the criteria can be added to the Local List. 

To find out about the eligibility criteria and scoring system, please refer to the  criteria and scoring for inclusion on the local list (PDF) [60KB].

If you think a building or structure meets the criteria, email the details with a photograph and map to the conservation team at

Page last updated: 22 Feb 2023