Conservation and heritage assets

Scheduled monuments

A scheduled monument is an historic building or site included in the Schedule of Monuments

Local authorities must notify Historic England of any applications for planning permission that might affect a scheduled monument (or SM). You can find further information on scheduled monuments and their designation on the Historic England website.

Scheduled monuments in Hillingdon

You can find scheduled monuments by searching the National Heritage List for England on the Historic England website. There are currently 5 SMs in the borough:

  1. Brackenbury Farm Moated Site, Ickenham: Medieval moated site with a grade II* listed house, Breakspear Road South.
  2. Manor Farm Moat, Ickenham: Large medieval moated site surrounding the Manor House, Long Lane, Ickenham
  3. Park Pale, Ruislip: Earthwork forming the boundary of the medieval deer park.
  4. Pynchester Moat, Ickenham: Medieval moated site by the River Pinn, located in the woods near Copthall Road West. This is the only surviving moat in Hillingdon that's still complete.
  5. Ruislip Motte and Bailey: An early medieval motte and bailey, the grade II listed Manor House being built within the bailey at Manor Farm, Ruislip.
Page last updated: 22 Feb 2023