Conservation and heritage assets

Areas of special local character

There are 15 designated areas of special local character (ASLC) in Hillingdon. They are non-designated local heritage assets, which have a character and identity local residents value and the council wishes to preserve or enhance.

ASLC are designated based on their local architectural, townscape or historic merits, as defined in the adopted criteria for designating Conservation Areas and Areas of Special Local Character (PDF) [13KB].

The council has a rolling programme of historic asset designation and will continue to review areas of special local character. From time to time, we may extend existing areas or designate new ones. The council will consult all residents, stakeholders, local groups and other interested parties prior to designation. A designation is determined by the council's cabinet based on the outcome of the consultation and officers' recommendations.

Development proposals will be assessed against national and local planning policies. Our local planning policies seek to preserve or enhance the local architectural character and appearance of these areas. 

Areas of special local character in Hillingdon

Browse the full list below or view them on our Heritage asset map.

No.Name:Date of designationDocuments available
1Barnhill Estate, YeadingOctober 2006

Barnhill Estate map (PDF) [507KB]

Barnhill Estate leaflet (PDF) [753KB]

2Dene Road, Northwood13 November 1989

Dene Road map (PDF) [535KB]

3Copsewood Estate, NorthwoodNot applicable Copsewood Estate map (PDF) [511KB]
4Gatehill Farm Estate, NorthwoodNot applicable

Gatehill Farm Estate map (PDF) [541KB]

5Hillside, Northwood Hills24 July 2008

Hillside map (PDF) [707KB]

6Moat Drive, Ruislip13 November 1989

Moat Drive map (PDF) [492KB]

7Midcroft, RuislipNot applicable

Midcroft map (PDF) [557KB]

8Garden City, West Drayton13 November 1989

Garden City map (PDF) [526KB]

9Central Avenue, Hayes13 November 1989

Central Avenue map (PDF) [586KB]

10Hillingdon Court ParkNot applicable

Hillingdon Court Park map (PDF) [566KB]

11North UxbridgeNot applicable

North Uxbridge map (PDF) [564KB]

12East & West Walk, Hayes1999 (demoted from CA) East & West map (PDF) [545KB]
13Old Northwood31 March 2005

Old Northwood map (PDF) [592KB]

14Orchard Drive/ Clayton Road, CowleyOctober 2006

Orchard Drive/Clayton Road map (PDF) [497KB]

Orchard Drive/Clayton Road leaflet (PDF) [841KB]

15Raisins Hill Estate, Eastcote19 December 2012 Raisins Hill Estate leaflet (PDF) [5MB]
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