Music lesson terms and conditions

Our Hillingdon Music Service offers instrumental/vocal tuition on the following basis.

Standard tuition

Standard tuition is normally taught in small groups of two or three for 20/30 minutes at a time.

Advanced tuition

Advanced tuition is taught individually for 30 minutes.

Once payment for lessons has been received, Hillingdon Music Service will provide 10 lessons per term on a rolling contract (unless the lessons start partway through a term). Where a pupil starts tuition in the middle of a term, tuition will be charged pro rata according to the number of lessons remaining in the term. Hillingdon Music Service will decide appropriate grouping of pupils, depending on the number of pupils requiring lessons.

We offer 30 lessons during the course of the school year. For administrative purposes, we always invoice for 10 sessions per term. However as term lengths vary, there may be 11 or 12 sessions in a longer term and for example, only 8 or 9 sessions during a shorter term. If your child does not receive 10 lessons in a given term, those lessons will be made up at a convenient time in the school calendar.

When you sign up for tuition with the Hillingdon Music Service, you are also signing up to the possibility of online tuition in the case of a major global event and the same rules of cancellation will apply. We are unable to pause tuition (and therefore payment) until in-person tuition recommences.

Scheduling/timing of lessons

Most lessons take place during the school day at school, and will usually mean that a pupil will miss part of their normal class. Wherever possible, our staff work on a rota system to minimise this. Pupils are responsible for making their own way to the lesson room before the start of a lesson. Our staff will make every effort to make sure the school is aware of individual lesson times.

Once lessons have been timetabled and confirmed, it is expected that pupils will attend all lessons. Once the lesson time has been agreed between the parent/guardian and the school, we cannot make any changes.

For tuition that takes place in-school, check with the school office or music coordinator to confirm lesson dates and times. For centre tuition, your teacher will send confirmation of the dates and times of your lessons at the start of the academic year only. If these details change during the year, they will confirm this in writing by email.

Your child's timetable is available on your registed SpeedAdmin portal.

Login to the SpeedAdmin portal

For online tuition, your tutor will contact you to organise a mutually-convenient time for lessons and confirm this via email.

Pupils must be punctual for all lessons - whether in person or online. Lessons will not run late if the student arrives late.

Credits and refunds

Hillingdon Music Service will refund/issue credit note/make up the lesson where:

  • the tutor is unavailable
  • the music centre is closed
  • an online session could not take place due to the tutor's technical issues
  • a pupil has a long-term sickness (and provides a doctor's note).

A refund or credit note will be made at the end of the academic year - once the opportunity has been given to make up for missed lessons by the tutor.

Hillingdon Music Service will not refund, issue a credit note or make up missed lessons where:

  • the pupil has failed to arrive for their lesson or is consistently late
  • the pupil is away for any reasons, eg sickness, school trip without notice, appointment elsewhere, school closure, continuing technical issues for online lessons.

Cancellation of lessons 

Parents/guardians must give tutors at least 48 hours' notice if their child will miss a scheduled lesson. Notice must be given during normal working hours, Monday to Friday.

For example, in the case that a lesson on a Monday or Tuesday needs to be rearranged, notice must be given by 5pm on Friday. The decision to re-schedule a lesson in this case is made at the tutor's discretion and availability.

Pupil absence due to school closures, school trips or public exams

A 2 weeks notice must be given by parents/guardians to Hillingdon Music Service in advance of: 

  • school trips
  • planned school closures
  • INSET days or similar
  • public exams 

Hillingdon Music Service is not obliged to give refunds or to rearrange lessons if no notice is received or notice is given in less than 2 weeks. 

In the event of a major global event (eg pandemic or severe weather), Hillingdon Music Service will transfer lessons online following government guidance providing it is safe to do so.

Stopping lessons

To cancel tuition, please either complete the form below or email Notice sent to the teacher or the child's school will not be counted as notice. 

Notify us about stopping music lessons

Cancellation dates

Cancellation must be received by the deadline dates shown below:

  • end of summer term 2023/24: Friday 19 July 2024 
  • end of autumn term 2024/25: Friday 15 November 2024 
  • end of spring term 2024/25: Friday 14 March 2025 
  • end of summer term 2024/25: Friday 18 July 2025. 

If you cancel after the deadline, it is at the discretion of Hillingdon Music Service to charge a cancellation fee.

Instrumental hire

Our music service has a range of instruments for hire (subject to availability).

View a list of instruments we provide and current hire costs

Instrument hire will appear on the same invoice received for the lessons if you have selected this option at the start. Hire is invoiced termly on a rolling contract with the notice to stop hiring being the same as the notice to stop lessons shown in the cancellation dates list above. 

Once payment is made, the instrument will need to be collected from the Civic Centre, Uxbridge. Details of how to do this are on our website. You must book to collect an instrument, as we are unable to accept drop-ins.

Arrange collection of an instrument

Parents/guardians must book to return an instrument when their child stops lessons. Hire costs will be payable until the instrument (and any accessories) has been returned to the Hillingdon Music Service. Instruments should not be returned to the child's school or teachers. Instruments are issued with guidance for their care and maintenance.

Arrange return of an instrument

In the event of damage, accident or loss of the instrument(s), Hillingdon Music Service must be informed immediately by email Under no circumstances should the parent/guardian/child carry out or arrange to repair any instrument. Should a repair be deemed necessary then the parents/carers may be charged directly for that to be arranged.

Wear and tear is common and we do not charge parents for this, however, we do charge for avoidable and accidental damage, such as sitting on a bow to break it or mishandling an instrument to bend a key. 

In the event of a major global event/pandemic, you may be asked to keep the instrument in your possession until it is safe to return it.


All instrumental and vocal tutors are highly qualified and all appropriate checks are made. The service monitors quality and provides professional development for tutors. We reserve the right to alter tutors but will endeavour to tell you if this is necessary. If we are unable to find a replacement tutor, we will refund or credit the relevant fee, as appropriate. All tuition depends on the availability of tutors.

How to pay

Payment is only possible via your SpeedAdmin portal once you have registered for lessons.

Make a payment for music fees

If you are finding it difficult to pay the fees, please call our office on 01895 558108 or email We may be able to help you by arranging payment in instalments.

Other important information

Parents/guardians are expected to provide accessories, music and equipment necessary for lessons. This includes music stands for practising at home.

Where pupils require tutor books for lessons, parents/guardians are responsible for purchasing books. Other costs, such as entry for examinations (personal pupil choice), will also be charged to the parent/guardian.

Page last updated: 18 Jun 2024