Parking permits

You can apply for resident, temporary, visitor, business, trade and car park parking permits.

Permit costs

Permits and voucher typesCost
First vehicle permitFree
Second vehicle permit or more

£65 for 1 year
£130 for 2 years

Visitor vouchers10 free with a permit. Then £8 per sheet of 10 vouchers


Applying for a Resident's Parking Permit

​If you live within a Parking Management Scheme, you can apply for this type of permit.

First, read the Resident's Parking Permit guidance notes 2020 [16KB] .

Apply for a Resident's Parking Permit

Note: Applications can take up to 14 days to process.

Renewing a permit

To renew your permit online, you'll need your username and online renewal password (which will be sent to you in a single letter, approximately 1 month before renewal). Please note: This password will only allow you to renew your permit. If any other changes are required, you will need to contact the parking permits team directly. Permits will be renewed from the expiry date of the existing permit, or the current date if the permit has already expired.

Renew parking permit

Vouchers will automatically be sent to you free of charge upon renewal of the free Resident's Parking Permit. Your permit will be posted to you within 3 working days.

Please note: If the permit is allowed to lapse for more than 28 days, you will not be able to renew it online. Instead, you must contact the parking permits team at the details below for renewal.

Apply for a change of vehicle permit

If you've changed your car, you may require a temporary permit (valid for 1 month).

Apply for a temporary permit

Please note: to process your request for a permanent permit, we'll need your old permit and proof of the new vehicle ownership. If you've lost your permit, there will be a charge of £5.

Postal applications for other permits

Visitor vouchers

Visitor vouchers can be used by vehicles under 2.3 metres belonging to (or being used by) a person visiting the resident of the parking management scheme. You'll receive 10 free vouchers with a permit.

If you live within a Parking Management Scheme and would like to purchase additional visitor vouchers, please call Parking Services on 01895 250633.

Contact us

The parking permits team operates by post and does not receive calls. This allows all requests to be dealt with in strict date receipt order.

Parking Services
Hillingdon Council
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For general enquiries, application/document submission and renewal requests, email

Page last updated: 11 Feb 2021