Starting secondary school September 2024

If you have a child born between 1 September 2012 and 31 August 2013, you must apply for your child to start secondary school in September 2024.

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Key dates

  • The deadline for on-time applications was Tuesday 31 October 2023.
  • National offer day is Friday 1 March 2024.

Before you apply 

Please note: Vyners School's open evening has been cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances. Please visit their website for updates.

Grammar school information for September 2024 

View our designated page on grammar schools for advice and support. 

How to apply - making a late application

To give your child the best possible chance of being offered their preferred school place, ensure your application is received on time. 

The closing date for on-time applications was Tuesday 31 October 2023.

You can still submit a late application online until mid August 2024. However, your application will not be processed until after 1 March 2024 (National Offer Day).

We cannot be held responsible for any delays in the post or problems with internet providers. We, therefore, recommend that you submit your application by Friday 27 October 2023 to ensure it is received on time.   

Apply for a secondary school place (opens new window)

Please note:

Proof of address

When you apply for a school place, you must have parental responsibility for the child and submit evidence to show that you and your child live at the address you've stated on your application, even if you have been placed in temporary accommodation. 

Please read our  Proof of address (PDF) [163KB] for details on what proof of address is accepted.

Please note: When you apply online, you will not be able to attach any documentary evidence until after you have submitted your application. 

Supplementary information forms 

Some schools (such as faith schools) require the completion of a supplementary information form (SIF). This is so that they can decide which pupils should have the highest priority when making offers.

SIFs are available directly from each school and their website. They must be returned to the school or to the address provided by the school by the specified deadline, which may differ between schools. 

The following schools require SIFs to be completed in order to process applications. SIFs can only be considered if they have a direct bearing on oversubscription criteria, or for the purpose of selection by aptitude or ability. 

Schools must still accept applications without a completed SIF, because all schools have to consider 'other applicants'. 

Visit the schools' individual websites for supplementary forms and deadline dates. 

Swakeleys School for Girls operates a fair banding system to allocate places. The places within each band are based on year 6 students taking a Non Verbal Reasoning Test (NVRT). The SIF form must be returned directly to the school by Friday 22 September, 4pm. 


The following provide information on furthest distances offered for secondary schools. 

Parental responsibility and disputes

Our School Placement and Admissions team has seen a significant increase in the numbers of disputes between parents, relating to where their children should go to school. We understand that, when trying to come to a mutual agreement on child arrangements, parental disputes can be extremely upsetting for all involved (including the children). 

Protocol and guidance regarding parental responsibility (PDF) [141KB] has been published to help parents understand the council's protocol for dealing with situations where parents disagree. This is general guidance intended to help parents understand their rights and responsibilities in line with the law. 

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