Our responsibilities

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Our street team's responsibilities

Our street team's responsibilities

Find out what we're responsible for and which roads we maintain

Our street team deals with the following services:

  • safety and condition surveys
  • public liability claims
  • licensing of activities on the highway
  • control of developers' work on or adjacent to the public highway
  • enforcement of the Highways Act 1980 (opens new window)
  • control of street trading
  • co-ordinating all works on the public highway (New Roads and Street Works Act)
  • provide a gritting (opens new window) service to selected borough roads
  • Storing and delivering sand bags for use in flooding situations
  • providing 'No Parking' cones for various functions and funerals
  • road and pavement repairs
  • street furniture repairs (including street nameplates, bollards, seats and litterbins)
  • highway inspections
  • highway drainage maintenance
  • footpath and bridleway maintenance
  • construction of vehicle crossings

Roads we're not responsible for

Hillingdon Council is not responsible for a number of roads and the subways, including those that are the responsibility of Transport for London (opens new window).

  • A4 Bath Road
  • A40 Western Avenue
  • A30 Great South West Road
  • A312 The Parkway
  • A4180 West End Road south of the Polish War Memorial (including the roundabout)
  • A3113 Airport Way (including the roundabout on Stanwell Moor Road)
  • M4 Motorway including Heathrow spur
  • M25 Motorway

To find out about maintenance, traffic issues or closures and diversions, visit Highways England (opens new window).

We're also not responsible for:

  • traffic lights (including pelican crossings)
  • speed and red light cameras

These are the responsibility of Transport for London (opens new window), and any queries should be sent to faultcontrolfaults@tfl.gov.uk.

Complaints and more information

If you're dissatisfied with the service you've received or the way you've been treated, we want to know. 

If you're not satisfied with the response then you may wish to make a formal complaint. All written complaints will be acknowledged within 7 working days and responded to within 10 working days. Read more on how to make a formal complaint (opens new window).

Page last updated: 21 Apr 2023