Zero Waste Challenge 

Let's bin less, recycle more and help protect the environment.

September Zero Waste Challenge  

Zero waste hamper
During this month's Zero Waste Challenge, challenge yourself to reduce the amount of waste you throw away and recycle more.

For those of you who have signed up to take part, you'll receive a weekly email with recycling and zero waste tips, plus a link to a short survey to complete and track your progress. 

Please note: To be entered into the prize draw to win a zero waste hamper, simply complete all 4 weekly survey (logging the black bags, clear recycling bags and food waste sacks you use).

    5 quick and easy ways to start your zero waste journey

    Here's just some of the ways each of us can improve our everyday habits, so that together we can help reduce waste further and change the impact we have on the environment.     

    1. Sign up for food waste collections
      If you haven't already,  sign up for our free food waste recycling service to recycle your food waste at home. It's simple to do and you get a free indoor kitchen caddy, outside caddy, and you can also register for automatic food waste bag deliveries. This service is available for houses and maisonettes with private gardens and we're in the process of trialling it in some flats, so we can expand the service to more residents in the near future. 

      Sign up for our food waste service
    2. Use reusable bags
      Save yourself money and reduce plastic waste by using a reusable bag when you shop.
    3. Donate and/or upcycle unwanted clothes, shoes and accessories
      Whether your clothes are good, bad or simply a bit dated, there are a number of ways you can give them a new lease of life!

      Find out more about recycling your textiles
    4. Carry out a waste audit
      Take a look around your home to see what currently fills up your rubbish. Is there food waste in your rubbish bag? Are you throwing away things that could be recycling - either through the council's recycling or other recycling initiatives.
    5. Take part in other recycling initiatives
      As well as the council's recycling services, there are a range of other initiatives, such as TerraCycle and Podback that provide recycling services for items such as medication blister packs, coffee pods, crisp packets and much more.  
    Page last updated: 08 Sep 2023