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Applications for admission to classes must be made on the official enrolment form. Before enrolling, learners must ensure that they have any necessary examination qualification(s) or experience required for the course and that they have the necessary skill, ability and knowledge appropriate for the particular level of the chosen course(s). Any learner who is in doubt of their eligibility should speak to a member of the curriculum staff before enrolling.

Changes to class arrangements

Hillingdon Council ('the council') reserves the right to change the location, tutor, syllabus, day and time of any class and may cancel classes where the enrolment numbers or attendance is considered to be too low. Refunds are payable in accordance with the Refunds policy.

Concessionary fees

Relevant documentary proof of entitlement, in line with the funding policy, must be available for inspection at enrolment.

Damage to equipment and premises

The cost to repair or replace centre property damaged by learners shall, on demand, be paid to the council by the learner(s) responsible for such damage.

Examination, accreditation and registration fees

These are included in the course fee unless advised otherwise. Some courses require additional materials. Details are on the course information sheets, which are available online and at our adult education centres.


Learners will be expected to behave in a responsible manner and these expectations will be made clear at induction and are also stated in the Learner Handbook. Any inappropriate behaviour towards staff or learners, or that is detrimental to any learner's learning, will not be tolerated and will be addressed immediately. If the council deems the behaviour to be at a sufficient level to warrant exclusion, this route will be followed with no refund of fees.

Payment of fees

All fees are payable in advance. Cheques should be made payable to 'London Borough of Hillingdon'.

Read our refunds policy


We expect all learners to attend classes regularly and inform us in advance if they are unable to attend. We reserve the right to withdraw learners who fail to attend for two weeks without notifying us, and reserve the right to refuse to re-enrol learners with a poor attendance record.

Loss of or damage to personal property

All property, including clothing, that is brought to or left by learners on centre premises or within centre grounds is at the sole risk of the learner/owner. The council accepts no responsibility for the safekeeping of, loss of or damage to such property. Bicycles, motorcycles and other vehicles brought on to centre premises by learners are subject to the regulations relating to property and shall only be parked in the designated spaces where these are provided.

Purchase of stationery and other materials

Learners must provide the necessary materials required for the course. Learners are advised, however, not to purchase materials or books until the class is certain to run, they have completed their enrolment and have discussed their proposed purchase(s) with the class tutor at the first class meeting.

Extra-curricular activities

Where activities are run in addition to the main programme, relevant charges to cover costs will be made if applicable.


If a learner cannot continue with their course due to a change in circumstances, it is sometimes possible to transfer the remainder of their fee to another course within the same academic year. This is subject to places being available and agreement from the Quality Manager. If a learner should later leave the course, then the Refunds policy will apply. The council reserves the right to refuse a transfer request.

Car parking

Learn Hillingdon venues have limited or no parking available. Learners are, therefore, responsible for their own travel or parking arrangements.

Page last updated: 07 Mar 2023