Learning with us

Everything you need to know about learning with us.

How we support you

When you learn with us, we can support you in a number of ways.

Support with learning

There are many ways we can support you with your learning, and these include:

  • developing your English, maths, digital and employment skills
  • offering individual support in class and free access to our e-learning resource (Moodle)
  • carrying out one-to-one assessments to identify the most effective support where additional learning needs are disclosed, such as having someone to interpret, read or sign for you; and adapted learning materials and equipment, such as computer screen reading software
  • helping with study skills, such as essay writing, portfolio building or presentations
  • joining our computer 'Loan and Learn' scheme
  • providing information and advice throughout your course about how to achieve your career goals
  • putting you in touch with other agencies or education providers for support when necessary.  

Financial support

If you are studying for a qualification and already receive an income-based (means-tested) benefit, you may be able to receive financial support through the Learner Support Fund. Please ask at any of our centres for an application form, which our staff will be happy to help you complete.

If you don't have computer equipment at home, we can support you through our 'Loan and Learn' scheme and through IT access in our centres. Digital Champions are also on hand to support you with using this equipment. Please ask reception staff or your tutor for more information.

Staying safe

We are committed to ensuring that all our learners feel safe, equal and respected when studying with us, and we ask that you play your part by showing respect to other users at all times.

We will issue you with a badge when you enrol that identifies you as a learner and we ask that you wear it whenever you are in our classes or centres.

Learn Hillingdon supports the government's counter-terrorism strategy that aims to prevent people being radicalised and/or drawn into, or supporting, terrorism. All our staff who work with young people or vulnerable adults have a duty to respond and immediately report any signs of harm, abuse or extremism that are recognised or disclosed.

We ask all learners and users of the service to take an active role in helping us fulfil this duty, so if you recognise anything that you consider a risk to your or anybody else's safety, you are strongly encouraged to report it as soon as possible.

Supporting your emotional health and wellbeing

We want all our students to feel confident in their learning and to achieve their goals.

Most adults study while running a home, raising a family, working and often caring for relatives. While juggling other demands, it's little wonder that we can sometimes find our emotional wellbeing suffering under the weight of everyday pressures.

Helping you to combat this strain is important to us, so we will ask you about your emotional health and wellbeing throughout the course so that we can provide as much support as possible to help you thrive while you learn and achieve your aims.

For more information, contact any of our centres.

Page last updated: 24 Feb 2023