Council tenant services

Domestic abuse support for tenants and leaseholders

If you're a Hillingdon tenant or leaseholder and experiencing domestic violence or abuse, we can support you.

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Information and support

Visit our main domestic abuse pages for information, advise and support, and what do do if you're a victim, an abuser or are worried about

What to do if you are experiencing domestic abuse

  • In an emergency, always call 999. 
  • Contact our Housing Management Services by calling 01895 556666 or email and tell us what has happened. 
  • Tell your social worker, support worker, GP or any other professional who may be supporting you. 

What are your housing options? 

Do not make any immediate decisions, such as giving up your tenancy, until you have received advice. 

If you are a Hillingdon Council tenant or leaseholder, you can contact our Housing Management Services. 

We will offer you support and advice, provide practical help and be sensitive and understanding when we discuss your housing and support options. 

Our staff are trained to deal with sensitive situations. We will talk with you in confidence and discuss what to do next.

If you prefer, we can offer you the opportunity to speak with someone of the same gender.

Email or call 01895 556666.

Making your home safe 

Our Sanctuary Scheme is designed for residents who have experienced domestic abuse to continue living safely in their own home, by installing additional security measures, such as fireproof letterboxes, window locks or a stronger door.

Email our Housing Management Services at for help in making a referral to our Sanctuary Scheme. 

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Support for other Hillingdon residents 

If you are not a Hillingdon Council tenant but are affected by domestic abuse, you can speak to the housing prevention team about your housing options. Call the team on 01895 556666 (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, 9am to 4.30pm) 

Page last updated: 18 Oct 2023