Council tenant services

Want to move/moving

What you should do if you are moving in or out of Hillingdon as a council tenant.

Moving within Hillingdon

To apply for our Housing Register waiting list, please register with Locata (opens new window)

We consider the following factors:

  • under-occupation (having more bedrooms than you need)
  • over-occupation (not having enough bedrooms because your family has grown)
  • medical reasons or a disability (your present home is unsuitable because of a disability or serious ill health)
  • supported living, including sheltered accommodation for older people who would benefit from the support of a warden, a call alarm system or extra care

Moving from your home

Before you move, remember to:

  • leave a forwarding address and contact number
  • turn off your gas, water and electricity
  • run your taps after turning off the water, to empty the tank and avoid burst pipes
  • arrange for your rent to be paid while you are away
  • if you receive housing benefits, contact the housing benefit office (on 0300 1231384) in case your benefit is about to be reviewed or in case your absence causes any problems with your benefit

Make your intentions clear or we may decide you have abandoned the property or rented it to someone else. If we think this is the case, we can repossess the property and evict anyone living there.

If you are moving out of your home for longer than 6 weeks, let your housing officer know.

Contact housing officer

Moving into your home

The lettings officer will ask you to sign your tenancy agreement and provide you with important information before you move into your new home.

Your tenancy agreement also tells you your weekly rent and when to pay it. Keep all these documents in a safe place.

You must make arrangements for taking over the following:

  • gas
  • electricity
  • telephone 
  • water supply - we will advise if your property has a water meter fitted; if it does, you will need to take this over
  • TV - unless you are moving into sheltered housing, you should tell TV Licensing your new address
  • council tax and housing benefits (if relevant)

If you have questions about your home, rent, tenancy agreement, your housing officer will be pleased to answer them.

If you need to claim housing benefit, an arrears recovery officer will be able to help you when you sign your tenancy.

You should claim straight away, as claims cannot usually be backdated.

Mutual exchange

You can swap your council or housing association home with another tenant if you follow certain rules and get permission from your landlord. This is called a Mutual Exchange.

You are not restricted to properties in Hillingdon, two or possibly multi secure tenants can exchange their homes anywhere in the country. "Probationary tenants are not permitted to do a mutual exchange during their probation period".

Mutual exchange can be a faster way of finding a new home rather than applying for a transfer especially if your transfer application is assessed as a low priority. 

Register with Home Swapper to find a mutual exchange propert.

If you have found a property and wish to apply, click on "Found a Swap" within Homeswapper to enter Swaptracker and follow instructions.

Page last updated: 05 May 2023