Noise nuisance

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Commercial, industrial and construction noise

Information on how we deal with noise from non-residential uses and noise from extract systems, plant and machinery.

Construction noise

Noise from building work that is audible at the site boundary is only permitted between the following times:

  • Monday to Friday, 8am to 6pm
  • Saturday, 8am to 1pm

Works audible at the site boundary are not permitted on Sundays, public or bank holidays.

Following a complaint, we will notify the person responsible in writing. Should this not resolve the matter, we are able to issue a notice requiring compliance and this is served on the person responsible for works on site. Should further complaints be received, we will arrange for spot checks to be carried out.

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Industrial noise

We aim to reduce noise from new industrial premises by placing conditions on planning permissions where they are required. Older plant and machinery, however, can often be the cause of considerable nuisance, resulting in significant noise pollution close to people's homes throughout the day and night.

We can investigate the source of the problem and arrange for measurements to be carried out where necessary. Noise from such machinery during the night has a greater potential to cause disturbance and remedial measures to reduce the noise may be necessary. A notice will be served if the source is found to generate an unreasonable level of noise.

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Commercial noise

We investigate complaints about noise nuisance from all commercial premises in Hillingdon. Common complaints include loud music or night-time deliveries.

We are responsible for, and consulted on, all applications for new premises licences and variations to existing licences.

One of the 4 licensing objectives is the prevention of public nuisance. A premise license holder may have noise-related conditions on their premises licence.

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Page last updated: 21 Feb 2023