Alcohol and entertainment

You need a licence to sell alcohol and provide some forms of entertainment within Hillingdon.


You must have authorisation if you wish to show, demonstrate or perform a hypnotism act in public.

What you need to know

Anyone giving an exhibition, demonstration or performance of hypnotism on any person, or in connection with entertainment to which the public are admitted, whether this is by payment or otherwise, is required to obtain authorisation.

A separate application must be made by the person who will be carrying out the act of hypnotism for each premises intended to be used.

Permission from premises owner where the activity will take place is not required as part of the application process.

When promoting the hypnotism performance you must:

  • clearly state that no-one under the age of 21 will be hypnotised
  • not advertise and promote the event in such a way that is offensive to members of the public

When conducting the hypnotism performance you must:

  • conduct the event so it is not likely to cause harm to any person attending
  • not use coercion to persuade members of the audience to participate in the performance
  • not cause anyone under the influence of hypnotism to say or do anything offensive to the public
  • not carry out hypnotism involving age regression or hypnotherapy, nor give a hypnotic suggestion that would result in the subject saying or doing something likely to be interpreted as indecent, offensive or harmful
  • erase all hypnotic or post-hypnotic suggestions from the minds of the subjects and audience before they leave the room

You can find more information in our hypnotism conditions document (PDF) [28KB].

You are obliged to make modifications to your show at the council's request.

What we need to see

When you apply we will request the following:

  • description of the proposed demonstration or performance
  • the last three venues on which you have performed hypnotism
  • your contact details
  • location, date and time of proposed performances


The fee for an application for consent to conduct an exhibition, demonstration or performance is £22.10.

Apply for a hypnotism licence

Page last updated: 18 May 2022