Report road and pavements damage

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Report potholes and road issues

Report potholes and road issues

Report potholes and road and street furniture problems.

Reporting potholes

We have 3 rhino patch machines that we use to repair potholes. These machines are quicker, longer lasting and cheaper than traditional road repair methods. They're also more eco-friendly as they produce around 80% less CO2.

They're particularly effective because no joins are left between the old and new surface, so water can't leak into cracks and cause repeat problems.

Report road potholes

Report footway potholes

Maintaining street furniture

If you notice any of the following street furniture in need of maintenance or replacing, please report it below. 

  • crash barriers
  • pedestrian guard rails
  • bollards and barriers
  • width restriction apparatus
  • highway walls and fences
  • street nameplates
  • seats
  • litter bins

Street furniture repairs

Reporting other issues

Report road sign defects

Roadworks enquiry

Report road markings issues

Report road or footpath flooding

Page last updated: 10 Jun 2020