Road and pavement damage

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Report potholes and road issues

Report potholes and road issues

Report potholes and road and street furniture problems.

Reporting potholes

We have 3 rhino patch machines that we use to repair potholes. These machines are quicker, longer lasting and cheaper than traditional road repair methods. They're also more eco-friendly as they produce around 80% less CO2.

They're particularly effective because no joins are left between the old and new surface, so water can't leak into cracks and cause repeat problems.

Report a pothole in a road or pavement

Reporting other faults

Use the form below to report issues with:

  • Street furniture - such as benches, railings, street name plates or bollards
  • Road markings
  • Roadside ditches
  • Street signage
  • Bollards

Request a road improvement or correction

Reporting flooding and blocked or damaged gullies

Report a blocked or damaged gully

Report a flooded area

Roadworks enquiries

Ask for information about some roadworks

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