Types of emergency

Power failure

Electrical power is vital to our day-to-day living in Hillingdon. Find out how to minimise the impact of a power outage on your daily activities.

In the event of utilities failure, your service provider is responsible for reestablishing the network.

If you are suffering a power cut or any utilities outage you should contact your service provider or local electricity distribution company. The service providers have a wide range of alerts which inform them of any disruption in the network.

Who should I contact?

In the event of a powercut, you can call 105. This is a free service that will connect you with your local electricity operator. For more information, visit the Power Cut 105 website.

What does the council do?

While the council will not get involved in the majority of short-duration outages, major incidents which affect a large number of properties, affect more than one utility or where the duration of the outage is prolonged, will result in the involvement of the council.

General advice

  • keep emergency contact numbers for friends, family and your service providers at hand
  • ensure you have a torch with charged batteries at hand. Be careful of using candles as they are a fire hazard, especially during gas incidents
  • is your home phone dependent on electricity? If so, perhaps invest in an older phone which just plugs straight into the phone line
  • always keep a few bottles of water for drinking on standby in the event of a water supply failure. Having a few bottles at hand avoids the need to panic buy
  • think about hygiene. How will you wash your hands or clean dishes? Perhaps think about a supply of cleansing wipes
  • in the event of a water mains failure, be careful of using the tap water just after the supply has been restored. Contaminants may have entered the system and could take time to be flushed out. Always wait for your water supplier to confirm the water is safe to use
  • how is your heating supplied? Do you have arrangements for backup heating should supplies fail during the colder months?
  • if there has been a services failure covering a wide area, has your children's school been affected? Think about the possibility of a school closure during emergency incidents. What childcare arrangements do you have?
  • check in with elderly neighbours and explain the situation
Page last updated: 06 Dec 2022