Better Care Fund

Making health and care better for our residents.

The NHS provides healthcare in England. It is paid for from your taxes and is generally free as people need it. 

Social care, such as home care or care home places, is provided by local councils and is means tested, which means some people may need to make a contribution towards their care.

What is the Better Care Fund (BCF)? 

The BCF is a national scheme that encourages health and social care services to work together more closely to support the health and wellbeing of residents.

In Hillingdon, we have a good track record of health care and social care services working together and, under the BCF, we are working with the NHS to find even more ways to improve the way we work together.

Our priorities in Hillingdon are to:

  • enable people to live as independently as possible
  • provide better services in local communities 
  • help prevent admissions to hospital
  • get people home quicker when they've been in hospital 

Our 2022/23 BCF plan

Our 2022/23 BCF plan is intended to support:

  • children and young people
  • people with learning disabilities
  • autistic people
  • older people
  • people living with dementia
  • unpaid carers of all ages.

BCF documents

The national requirements for a 2-year plan from April 2023 were published on Tuesday 4 April. A new plan is now under development and will be published here in due course.

Page last updated: 25 May 2023