Consulting your neighbours about the alley gating scheme

Documents and information to help you consult your neighbours about the alley gating scheme.


  1. Introduce yourself to your neighbours.
  2. Use the template letters provided - they have been carefully worded to give a concise and accurate explanation of the scheme.
  3. Ensure everyone in the scheme can contact you, when necessary.
  4. Consider the best way to contact residents who are disabled, vulnerable or 'hard to reach'. For advice on this, you can email us at
  5. Update residents of the scheme's progress on a regular basis.
  6. Be thorough - ensure every household in the scheme is consulted.
  7. Remember that this is a community scheme - be patient with your neighbours and respect their opinions, even if they do not support the scheme.
  8. Respond to all queries about the scheme directly.
  9. consider all objections and talk to us for advice on how you deal with them
  10. be respectful in your tone to all your neighbours in both your verbal and written communications
  11. Remember that any information you gather from residents (including their reasons for objecting) is confidential - please do not discuss with other neighbours.
  12. Provide details of cost when you collect residents' contribution for the scheme.
  13. If gates are installed, ensure every household in the scheme has access to a key.


  1. Resort to intimidation with those who don't approve the scheme.
  2. Put yourself in any situation where you feel unsafe.
  3. Forget to contact us if you have any questions.

Letter templates

Page last updated: 08 Aug 2023