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We realise that sometimes things can go wrong. If they do, we want to hear from you so that we put them right and learn from what has happened.

Before you make a complaint

You can get some of your issues dealt with quickly and easily by reporting them to us:

Report it

  • or by telephoning us. For:
    • Anti social behaviour, noise complaints, racial harassment: 0800 694 0240
    • Housing repairs: 01895 556600
    • Housing services: 01895 556666
    • Planning, trees and landscapes: 01895 250230
    • Hillingdon Social Care Direct: 01895 556633 (inc adults and children)
    • Council tax and Housing benefits: 0300 123 1384 
  • for:
    • missed rubbish collections, overflowing bins and bad smells

Report it

  • or by telephoning us on: 01895 556000

Complaints procedures

You can make most complaints about council services using our online form. But please be aware that there are separate arrangements for dealing with complaints and the procedures we will follow are set out below.

Time limit

You have 12 months after an incident to submit your complaint. We are not obliged to investigate incidents which happened more than 12 months ago.

Legal action

If you are taking legal action against the council you cannot make a complaint if it concerns the matter you are taking legal action over. You can make a complaint about an unrelated matter.

Complaining on someone else's behalf 

You can make a complaint on behalf of a friend or relative but you must have a signed letter from that person which authorises you to take the action.
You can make your complaint in a number of ways:

  • via email complaintsmailbox@hillingdon.gov.uk
  • post - to Complaints and Service Improvement Team, 3S/03A Civic Centre, High Street, Uxbridge UB8 1UW
  • phone - If you wish to discuss your complaint with a complaints co-ordinator please call:
    • 01895 277335
    • 01895 277801
    • 01895 277143
  • Schools have their own complaints procedures, you should contact the school direct.

You will not be treated less favourably if you decide to complain, and your complaint will be dealt with in confidence.

What information will help us help you?

It will help us if you state clearly what your complaint is, which council officers or service you have dealt with and give details of any letters you have had from us.

Please tell us what you'd like us to do to put things right.

Please provide your contact details including a telephone number and email address, if you have one.

Further assistance

Ask someone to help if you need advice with making your complaint to the council. It can be a friend or relative, or anyone else you choose.The following places may assist you in making your complaint:

  • Your local councillor or MP: telephone 01895 250636
  • Local Government Ombudsman: telephone 0300 061 0614, or write to:
  • The Local Government Ombudsman
    PO Box 4771
    Coventry CV4 0EH
  • Housing Ombudsman: telephone 0300 111 3000, or write to: 
    Housing Ombudsman Service
    Exchange Tower
    Harbour Exchange Square
    London E14 9GE
  • Disablement Association Hillingdon (DASH):: telephone 020 8848 8319 (Minicom 020 8848 8323)
  • Hillingdon Race Equality Council: if you feel you have been discriminated against because of your race phone 020 8848 1380
  • Equal Opportunities Commission: if you feel you have been discriminated against because of your gender phone 08456 015901





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